[Mailman-Users] Question about a function capability

Dan Mick dmick at utopia.West.Sun.COM
Wed Nov 7 20:49:51 CET 2001

J C Lawrence wrote:
> On Wed, 07 Nov 2001 08:24:44 -0500
> Marcella Wright <mwright at kychamber.com> wrote:
> > Is there any way to show the subscribers e-mail address in the TO:
> > field?
> Not currently and not planned.

Well, I think 2.1 can implement this, but it's important to point out that
virtually all the advantages of using an MLM go away if you do this.  The point
is to gain mass-mailing benefit, and if you have to customize each message,
you lose the mass-production aspect; at that point you might as well just
use a file with a list of subscribers and a shell-script loop to send the
mail, or a normal MTA alias with many entries.

If your subscribers can't remember their address, instruct them to save
their welcome message.  It's not like "each mail has my address" is sufficient
to address the really willfully stupid user anyway.

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