[Mailman-Users] Mailman nntp gateway and list names

Dan Mick dmick at utopia.West.Sun.COM
Thu Nov 8 05:12:55 CET 2001

Once again, this has been significantly changed in 2.1; the headers
which should be removed are now configurable from mm_cfg.
The subject munging isn't there, but could be hacked (of course).

relevant section of Defaults.py:

# These variables controls how headers must be cleansed in order to be
# accepted by your NNTP server.  Some servers like INN reject messages
# containing prohibited headers, or duplicate headers.  The NNTP server may
# reject the message for other reasons, but there's little that can be
# programmatically done about that.  See Mailman/Queue/NewsRunner.py
# First, these headers (case ignored) are removed from the original message.
NNTP_REMOVE_HEADERS = ['nntp-posting-host', 'nntp-posting-date', 'x-trace',
                       'x-complaints-to', 'xref', 'date-received', 'posted',
                       'posting-version', 'relay-version', 'received']

# Next, these headers are left alone, unless there are duplicates in the
# original message.  Any second and subsequent headers are rewritten to the
# second named header (case preserved).
    ('to', 'X-Original-To'),
    ('cc', 'X-Original-Cc'),
    ('content-transfer-encoding', 'X-Original-Content-Transfer-Encoding'),
    ('mime-version', 'X-MIME-Version'),

> Greets.
> Silly question but I don't see a way so I'll ask. When mailman does nntp
> gatewaying is it at all possible to strip [list-name] off the subject line
> when doing smtp -> nntp? I think it makes sense when you look at the list
> from the nntp side not to see [list-name]. For nntp -> smtp however I would
> say the default would be to continue to append [list-name] as needed.
> And on the same topic, Re: and Fwd: tags in the subject line of the
> newsgroup seem silly as well. Shouldn't we strip them off when doing smtp ->
> nntp as well?
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