[Mailman-Users] max length for email address

Culley Harrelson culleyharrelson at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 9 03:46:10 CET 2001

I used add_members to load a text file containing a list of email 
addresses.  Who knows what happened!  It looks like most of those over 30 
characters got truncated.  I very well could have just screwed up somewhere...

I'm just going to pump the ones that I think bounced back in and rely on 
the program to catch the duplicates...

While I'm posting... Is there some way to automatically discard posts that 
need to be approved by the admin?  No one will ever be able to post to this 
list who isn't approved...


At 04:54 PM 11/8/01 -0800, you wrote:

> > I just loaded 10,000 email address into a new list and a bunch (200+)
> > bounced because it looks like their email address got truncated at 30
> > characters.  Is this a default setting?  Can it be changed?  I looked
> > through the admin interface and couldn't find anything related...
>I'm not aware of any such limitation either.  When you say "loaded",
>how do you mean?

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