[Mailman-Users] i need help

Jon Carnes jonc at haht.com
Fri Nov 9 20:43:34 CET 2001

If you want to create a list that all your mailman users can post to (but no
one else) then you will need to write a small script to create (or update)
the list.  You can find the script in the archives....<this is me cruising
through my personal archives>...... Ahh here is one (Thanks to Shane

list_lists | grep "^ " |awk '{ print $1 }' | grep -iv foo_all | \
 xargs -rl list_members | sync_members -f - -w=no foo_all

This assumes that ~mailman/bin is in your search path, since the commands
list_list, list_members, and sync_members are all in that directory.  This
line of code dumps out all the list names, prints out the names of every
member of every list and feeds those names into sync_members which then
updates the list "foo_all".  Setup a chron job to run hourly and this list
will updated hourly.

Jon Carnes
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  i have got a problem.

  i want the all user, who are subscribed in the of all lists on a
mailman-server, should be allowed to write to an other list on this server,
bit the hole world should not be allowed.

  how can i do this.

  Thanks for your help.


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