[Mailman-Users] Variations on Reminders?

Jerry Stratton jerry at sandiego.edu
Fri Nov 9 20:43:43 CET 2001

>There seems to be a tendency to let lists languish unused...for
>years...and if they are reminded (say 2 or 4 times a year), maybe
>they'll send in a request to decommission the lists when they are
>no longer needed.   :)
>It's not a huge request, but anything to prevent me from having
>to chase down list admins coudl be helpful.

I take a more pro-active approach; once a year (and it's about that 
time again...) I send out a message to every list's managers. Any 
that don't respond get a second, and then third warning. After that, 
the list is deleted.

But I use a separate (FileMaker) database to hold list information, 
and it can automatically do this for me (except the list deletion 

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