[Mailman-Users] postfix problem

MiniTom minitom at blaster.dyndns.org
Sat Nov 10 06:26:25 CET 2001


I just installed mailman on Linux Mandrake with postfix. I can add a new list, but users can't suscribe to the list. They receive a mail, but when they reply, they get a MAILER-DAEMON mail wich tell that the address of the list does not exist.

My list is "test at myhostname" and none of these address works : test-request at myhostname, test-admin at myhostname.

I can't access to the directory /mailman/pipermail/test from the web, though it is rightly configured (I hope ...).

Other web pages seem to be ok : mailman/admin/test, mailman/listinfo/test ...

I think lists address are net created. Is Postfix the problem ?

Can anyone give me some help please ?

(excuse my english I'm french)

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