[Mailman-Users] List suddenly stops functioning

Jon Carnes jonc at nc.rr.com
Sat Nov 10 06:50:27 CET 2001

There may be a message in the queue that Mailman cannot handle (there are 
some headers that screw-up that version of Mailman...).  It could be that 
you have stopped cron for some reason - it happens a lot to folks on this 
list, though durn if I can figure out why they do it...

It could be that you have lock file holding open your list, check the lock 

Jon Carnes

On Saturday 10 November 2001 00:02, J. Frederick Ball OEF wrote:
> I have a couple of lists which have functioned flawlessly for many weeks.
> As of yesterday or today, no mail is getting through.   I see the maillog
> stating that
> a given message was sent to "|usr/local/mailman/mail/wrapper post
> listname" but that's where things die, apparently.
> I can also subscribe to the lists and get (via mail) a notice requesting
> confirmation
> as a new user.  Once I reply, I hear nothing back from the list.  I'm not
> sure where to
> begin checking.
> Running 2.0.5 on FreeBSD 4.3 with sendmail as the MTA.
> Fred
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