[Mailman-Users] Information store

Jerry Feldman gaf at blu.org
Mon Nov 12 18:07:07 CET 2001

In addition to this,
I noticed that when email addresses are added to the list, only the bare 
email addresses appear to be captured:(eg.
Jerry Feldman <gaf at blu.org> becomes gaf at blu.org. )
Is there any mechanism to capture the entire address in its various 
forms, above and gaf at blu.org (Jerry Feldman) etc. 
This is important in some cases where subscribers with multiple 
addresses try to post from an alternate address. Rather than simply 
accepting or rejecting the post, I like to tell them what address they are 
subscribed as. In some cases, some of my lists are nearly 10 years old 
and  may contain the ugly Compuserve addresses. 
Or, on a restricted list, I like to see the name of a new subscriber. 
On 12 Nov 2001, at 17:47, jorge.llacer at bt.es wrote:

> Hello,
> I would like to know the way information about lists, subscribers and
> specific lists configuration is stored in the system and how it could be
> accessed to. Is this information stored in plain text? How could we
> (administrators) access to it?

Jerry Feldman <gaf at blu.org>
Associate Director
Boston Linux and Unix user group

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