[Mailman-Users] Internal web pages vs external email users

Dale Pace paced at odshp.com
Mon Nov 12 23:08:54 CET 2001

Hello experienced users:
I have just recently installed Mailman.  So far so good.  It seems to work
as designed.

My site has internal users and external users, an intranet and internet.
We want to use Mailman web pages, currently just for internal users,
but some of the list recipients are external users.

What I want to do should be quite simple, but I have never programed
in Python and have little time to learn another language right now.

My question is how can I send messages with URL's to internal members
and without URL's to external members.  I found the script Digester.py
and dropped URL references.  I found the template subscribeack.txt and
reworded it.  This works for external users, but I would rather find a place
to make a decision and select the proper template.

Has anyone done this and can point me to the script to change or even
better has the code already done.  ;-)

Thanks, Dale
Dale Pace
UNIX Administrator
ODS Health Plans
paced at odshp.com

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