[Mailman-Users] Internal web pages vs external email users

Dale Pace paced at odshp.com
Tue Nov 13 16:47:01 CET 2001

Hello again,
Thanks for the prompt reply.  I think you may be misunderstanding what
I want to do.  First, I don't want list administrators to have to make decisions

that software should be able to do.

I want a filter that when it sees an external email address for a member, it
simply removes "list URL" references from the current email message.

One if statement somewhere that selects from two email templates for the
current  canned message.  I don't want URL's appearing in messages that
are inaccessible to the recipient.

My real problem is that I don't know the logic of Mailman or Python.

Thanks again,

Jon Carnes wrote:

> The best solution I can think of using the current version of Mailman is to
> make two list - one for external folks and one for internal folks.  Set up
> the lists separately so that the http info makes it to your internal folks
> and nothing goes out to the external folks.  In your aliases file set email
> to go to both lists (whether email is sent to the internal or external
> list).
> I would use two list names with slight changes, like: my_list and my-list
> Jon Carnes
> BTW, you could always put up a redirect on an external server to allow folks
> access to the internal webpages, then setup an htaccess file so that local
> request are allowed with no authentication, but requests from the redirect
> must login.  If you like, you can even make the authentication the same as
> that used by mailman...   Just a thought!
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> Subject: [Mailman-Users] Internal web pages vs external email users
> > Hello experienced users:
> > I have just recently installed Mailman.  So far so good.  It seems to work
> > as designed.
> >
> > My site has internal users and external users, an intranet and internet.
> > We want to use Mailman web pages, currently just for internal users,
> > but some of the list recipients are external users.
> >
> > What I want to do should be quite simple, but I have never programed
> > in Python and have little time to learn another language right now.
> >
> > My question is how can I send messages with URL's to internal members
> > and without URL's to external members.  I found the script Digester.py
> > and dropped URL references.  I found the template subscribeack.txt and
> > reworded it.  This works for external users, but I would rather find a place
> > to make a decision and select the proper template.
> >
> > Has anyone done this and can point me to the script to change or even
> > better has the code already done.  ;-)
> >
> > Thanks, Dale
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