[Mailman-Users] Subject-Prefix

Markus Kachel kachel at muenster.de
Wed Nov 14 22:22:34 CET 2001

Hello Dennis,

On Wednesday, November 14, 2001, You wrote to subject: [Mailman-Users] Subject-Prefix

> My problem is, everytime someone answers to a post, the skript adds another
> [Listname] to the subject, so it shows "[List] Re: [List] Topic".

> Is there an option, to tell mailman, that it detects, if the prefix was 
> already present in the subject, so that it then doesn't prepend the prefix 
> again?

He is doing it. Some Mail Programs are broken and use some strange
MIME-Coding when replying, so that mailman dosn't detect the old
prefix. I have this problem with some users, that use some kind of
webmail for the mailing list. And some mailservers can do some broken
converting, too.


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