[Mailman-Users] Configuration problem

Larry Chuon LarryC at indexstock.com
Wed Nov 14 16:28:19 CET 2001

Hi everyone,

Yesterday, I posted a message stating that I had problem with configuring
mailman.  I finally resolved a pice of the puzzle.  Basically, it had to do
with my Sendmail configuration.  When I do a netstat, I show the following
tcp        0      0    *               LISTEN

Where as before, was my IP address instead.  Now everything seems to
work, EXCEPT for one thing: I can't send anything to the list.  This problem
is two folds.

1. First, I subscribe to the list from the web. Then, I receive a
confirmation email.  When I reply, nothing happens.  My subscribe log shows
a pending.
2. I try to send a test email to the list.  Nothing happen either.  Then, I
did a little test.  I added myself to the list via admin tool.  After I I
receive a welcome message.  Follow that, I send another test email.  Nothing
happens again.

FYI, I ran newaliases after I added the list info in the aliases file.

Since I have a local account on the box, I am able to send and receive
email.  First thing in my mind was, it got to be Sendmail again.
Unfortunately, I  exhausted my rehaust.  Can someone help me please?


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