[Mailman-Users] ERROR: User unknown

Chris G Haravata chrish at apc.edu.ph
Thu Nov 15 03:33:50 CET 2001

I created a new user on the mail server to test the command-line adding of
members. The username created is julianh

I used the commands:

echo julianh at apc.edu.ph > /root/newuser
/home/mailman/bin/add_members -n /root/newuser --welcome-mesg=y apc-staff

The user is added to the list alright.  But when I looked at the logs, it
gave me this error message:

Nov 15 10:17:54 cerveza postfix/smtpd[13257]: reject: RCPT from
localhost[]: 550 <julianh at apc.edu.ph>: User unknown;
from=<apc-staff-admin at apc.edu.ph> to=<julianh at apc.edu.ph>

What do this mean?  Can you help me please? You see, i am creating a script
that when you add a user to the box, it will automatically add the user to a
mailing list and send a welcome message to that user so that when the user
logs in for the first time, he will already have a message from me.  If this
was done through the web, everything is alright.  But i really need to do
this at the console...


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