[Mailman-Users] set up more than one domain for my mailman.

Jonas Meurer jmeurer at gmx.de
Thu Nov 15 13:56:39 CET 2001

Hey ho,
I've set up mailman on my server, but I've also a gateway which forwards
inquirys to port 80 to my server. I use dyndns. So, if someone goes to
jmeurer.dnsalias.org:80 he comes to (my server). The
problem is, that mailman only shows the lists at server/mailman/listinfo,
if the inquiry goes to server. I also have set up rules at my local dns
that www, mail, irc etc is forwarded to my server. But
www.server0.de/mailman/listinfo or mail.server0.de/mailman/listinfo or showes no mailinglists. Only
server.server0.de/mailman/listinfo works. Now, how can I say mailman that and www and mail shall work also. Especially is
importand because my gateway forwards incomming inquirys to the ip.

Thanks and bye

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