[Mailman-Users] Is it running

miket at scitechsoft.com miket at scitechsoft.com
Fri Nov 16 21:57:26 CET 2001

How can I tell if mailman is actually running.  I can not find an entry if 
I run ps -aux.  I can mail my server and the aliases appear to work.  
When I mail one of my lists nothing ever gets through, and nothing 
is sent out.  All the html features appear to work.  I can change 
options, and if I make a test list it tells me of the new list but never 

I have added the alias info into my /etc/aliases file and run 

Any help is greatly appreciated.

SciTech Software Inc,
Michael E. Todd
System Administrator 
505 Wall Street
Chico, CA 95928
530.894.8400  ext 151

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