[Mailman-Users] Odd MailMan Problem...

Richard Idalski ridalski at nandomedia.com
Sat Nov 17 07:58:31 CET 2001

Actuyally it's Sendmail, said so in my first sentence below ^_^, turns out
I've already gotten this resloved, thanks to you guys, I simply wasn't using
Fully quallified domain names, i thought I had set that, but a simply
overlooked configuration was at fault...



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First we have to know what your MTA is (Sendmail, Exim, Postfix, Qmail,
...) I'm guessing postfix, and that you have the setup so that your mail
users are separate from the users on your box....  But that is just a guess.

You know we answer more MTA questions on this list than any Sendmail list
I've ever been on...

Jon Carnes

On Friday 16 November 2001 17:13, Richard Idalski wrote:
>   Ok, so I have mailman set up on a machine running sendmail and FreeBSD
> 4.3. Lists are set up, newaliases ran, Cron's set up. Whwne I post to a
> list, the machine sends out email to everyone on the list *except* to
> address on the local domain, the all come up a 'User Unknown'. Judging by
> the fact that mailman is sending to everyone else just fine I'm assuming
> this is more of a sendmail issue, but I'm not sure. even if I try to send
> mail from the command line to my own email address: 'echo test | mail
> ridalski at nandomedia.com'  I get the dreaded "user unknown' error. Can
> anyone tell me where I should start looking?
>   -Richard
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