[Mailman-Users] Problem with Postfix and Mailman? Or is it something I missed?

Kender kender at greenrider.org
Sun Nov 18 19:16:05 CET 2001

When using a local mailing list on my machine,  I get the following error:

Nov 18 13:04:37 www postfix/smtp[24444]: 7C86819CD: to=<raven at badkarma.org>, relay=mail.badkarma.org[], delay=34, status=bounced (host mail.badkarma.org[] said: 553 <dndgame-admin at .greenrider.org>... invalid host name)

Also, until I changed it to a set function using the web tool, anyone trying to reply to the mailing list would reply to LIST at .greenrider.org

Why is that first dot in there?

Please haaalp! :)

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