[Mailman-Users] gzip full mbox archives

Jackie Meese jackie.m at vt.edu
Thu Nov 15 16:09:24 CET 2001

I'm not on the list, so please cc: me on follow ups.

I've been wondering why it is that the mbox downloads of archives 
produced by mailman are only gzipped for the smaller unit (ie. monthly), 
but the entire mbox of the list isn't gzipped for those who want to d/l 
and search/thread/whatever the entire mailing list archive.  It seems to 
make sense to do this, since we should all know that text compresses 
quite nicely.

(I've tried getting mod_gzip to compress the d/l, but that would only 
work for my server, and I d/l archives form other sites.)

Is there some reason this can't just be added to nightly_gzip?  I've 
only dabbled in python, so I don't exactly feel qualified to submit a 
patch, but how about just uncompression before processing and 
re-compressing it after processing?
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