[Mailman-Users] RE: multiple list sign up form for mailman

Bob Puff@NLE bob at nleaudio.com
Mon Nov 19 07:24:14 CET 2001

> I am looking for some assistance on finding a web-based script/form for 
> Mailman that allows the user to sign up for multiple lists 
> simultaneously. I have seen this done with Lyris and Majordomo 
> but not with Mailman.

Try something like this:

1. You have a form in a html page to get the email address.
2. It posts to a CGI script that puts the email address in appropriate subscribe messages that get sent to mailman.  You may need to generate a separate email per message - haven't tested this to see
if you can just use multiple lines.

Another way is to use cron jobs running as mailman to check for the presence of a text file that your CGI creates with the email address, then run add_member.  The disadvantage to this method is there
is no verification.


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