[Mailman-Users] Mailman & LDAP

jorge.llacer at bt.es jorge.llacer at bt.es
Mon Nov 19 17:09:06 CET 2001

Hello all,

Is it possible to interface Mailman with a user database stored in a LDAP

What I really want to know is if it is possible to mantain centralized
information about users and lists in a LDAP database instead of (or in
addition to) the Mailman one.

Any idea about how to do this? If somebody has done something similar I
would be very pleased if he/she could suggest me how.

I'm evaluating some mailing list products and one of the required features
is "integration with LDAP server".
I would like to know if this feature could be implemented in Mailman or not
just to go ahead with the product or to discard it.

Thak you very much.


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