[Mailman-Users] Invoking an external script when creating a list

Armstrong, Scott Mr CECOM RDEC NVESD scott.armstrong at nvl.army.mil
Tue Nov 20 17:19:38 CET 2001

I'm in the process of switching from pipermail to an external archiver.
I've been trying to determine what program would need to be modified to call
a local script when a new list is created. I need to do some additional
housekeeping above and beyond that which is normally done. I believe I've
identified that the bin/newlist program invokes mlist.Create(listname,
owner_mail, pw) to actually create the list.
Can anyone tell me where that module is located so I can insert my own
handler into it? The Create module in MailMan/MailList.py has 4 parameters -
def Create(self, name, admin, crypted_password), but otherwise it would seem
the likely candidate.



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