[Mailman-Users] a question about umbrella lists

Peter Jay Salzman p at dirac.org
Tue Nov 20 19:15:34 CET 2001

hi all,

my linux user group runs 3 mailing lists: vox, vox-tech and vox-announce.

i would like all subscribers of vox and vox-tech to also be subscribed to
vox-announce (which only officers can post to).

the trouble is, if vox-announce is an umbrella list for both vox and
vox-announce, then people who belong to both vox and vox-tech will get two
copies of any posts that i make to vox-announce.

is there a way of suppressing these duplicate messages?

some people like to subscribe only to vox, some only to vox-tech and some to
both vox and vox-tech.   but in all of these cases, they should only receive
one copy of an email sent to vox-announce.

can this be done with mailman?


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