[Mailman-Users] Wierd alias problem

Andres L. Figari andres at photoplankton.com
Tue Nov 20 20:55:07 CET 2001

Hi Randi,

I'm kind of new.  But I think the problem is that your list-admin needs to
look more like this n the aliases (example of one of mine):

wbmutbb-digest-admin:    "|/usr/local/mailman/mail/wrapper mailowner

Perhaps plaining with the meaning of "mailowner" or via the web interface is
how to best do what you want.

Andres Figari
System Administrator
1-HOST Web Hosting
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Subject: [Mailman-Users] Wierd alias problem

> Ok, I'm new to mailman, so if I'm missing something big, try to explain it
> in small words. ;)
> I'm installing mailman to handle 2 mailing lists for a webhosting company.
> need to have 3 admins for each list. One of the lists is called
> linux-security. When I created this list, I gave it the admin email of
> linux-admin at list.whatever.com. linux-admin is actually an alias. In
> /etc/mail/aliases:
> linux-admin:   sektie, lelon, andys
> This only gets sent to users lelon and andy, however. If I send an email
> linux-admin, it goes to all three of us. If mailman sends it, it only gets
> sent to lelon and andy. The only way mailman will send me an email is if I
> am the only user listed. Any ideas why this is happening?
> Randi
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