[Mailman-Users] recovering from faulty base url for mailman web interface

Peter Jay Salzman p at dirac.org
Tue Nov 20 22:02:54 CET 2001

hi all,

i'm a list manager (not site administrator).  i fsck'ed up and put the wrong
url for the base mailman url.

i noticed a file /home/mailman/lists/vox/config.db, which i don't have read
or write permissions to.  is this where list configs are stored?  is it a
berkeley db file?

is there a way to recover from screwing up the base mailman url for this list
without contacting the site administrator?

i'm sure this question gets asked every once in a while.  sorry for asking
it.  :( i checked the faq.  the site doesn't seem to have any mailman

  [vox]$ locate mailman | grep -i doc

also, the list administrator docs link on http://www.list.org/mgrs.html
seems to be down.     :(


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