[Mailman-Users] Duplicate Mails

Greg Ward gward at mems-exchange.org
Thu Nov 22 21:01:42 CET 2001

On 22 November 2001, Simon Faulkner said:
> Is there a common way that people get duplicate mails from the list.
> I have checked that they are not subscribed twice!

The most obvious answer is that someone is sending the same message to
the list multiple times.  Check your MTA's logs to see if this is the

Another thing to look at is the "Received" headers of the duplicate
messages, as received by the list subscriber.  Most MTAs generate a
unique ID for each message as it passes through them, and put that ID
into the corresponding "Received" header.  If the duplicates have the
*same* unique ID when received by the MTA (and passed to Mailman), but
*different* unique IDs when passed back to the MTA by Mailman, the
duplicates are Mailman's fault.  If they have different IDs all the way
through, it's the fault of some other agent, eg. the original poster or
her MUA or MTA.

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