[Mailman-Users] Two issues from DEVi-announce

Katherine Walker kwalker at touchbasis.com
Thu Nov 22 00:22:19 CET 2001

It is my understanding that the announce list is not for posting messages to
other than the person designated as the administrator.  However, the sign up
page at http://lists.samurai.com/mailman/listinfo/devi-announce states:

"Using DEVi-Announce
To post a message to all the list members, send email to
devi-announce at lists.samurai.com."

We've set up restrictions so that the message needs to get approved prior to
sending which I find cumbersome.  I would much rather approve 1-3 email
addresses to post to the announce list and not have this extra approval step
each time there is an announcement email.

Can you help me?


The following can be found at

Unsubscribing from DEVi-Announce
To unsubscribe, enter your password and hit the button. (If you've lost your
password, see just below to have it emailed to you.)

There is a typo above...how do we request that this gets fixed?

Katherine Walker
Director at digitalevevictoria.com

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