[Mailman-Users] need assist/pointer to add-ons for automations...

David Calafrancesco dcalaf at vassar.edu
Sun Nov 25 02:55:51 CET 2001


I have succesfully installed a 2.07 under Solaris 8. No problems so far 
creating lists, or even tying them into newsgroups. Things working as 

I have checked the archives of this list, at least as far back as a few 
months, as well as other docs and FAQs and don't see anyone addressing 
automating list creation. Looking to have a webpage that would only be 
accessable to users in my domain, perhaps requiring a confirmation email or 
even a full login, that would allow the users to create their own lists 
without my intervention.

I know I would need a CGI to accept the new list info, verify the user is 
OK, then run newlist and add the aliases to the /etc/mail/aliases file and 
run newaliases. I can write something like this, but figure that someone 
somewhere has to have beaten me to it and I could benefit from their 

Anyone know of a full automation setup like I describe and where I might 
find the glue to put it all together?


David Calafrancesco
Vassar College SysAdmin
dcalaf at vassar.edu
845-437-7050 Fax
845-455-1342 pager

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