[Mailman-Users] Script for archiving digests?

Melanie Dymond Harper mel at vanyel.herald.co.uk
Sun Nov 25 20:08:49 CET 2001

Hi folks,

I've just installed 2.0.7 to take over the running of mailing lists here.
At the moment we have archives done by digest for those lists which have 
archives. I like the pipermail interface and don't want to replace it
completely, but the weekly mailboxes are likely to be pretty large for
some lists (and switching to daily volumes would make it hard to follow
discussions by thread for those using the web interface to do so).

Does anyone know of a handy script which I could use to receive digests and
dump those into a different archive directory? Writing one wouldn't be an
especially big deal but I suspect it might be a wheel-reinvention...



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