[Mailman-Users] Dissapearing messages

David Ball david.ball at brahler-ics.co.uk
Mon Nov 26 13:53:54 CET 2001

Hi there

Some of our users never receive messages from the list, despite the fact
that I can see the message leaving our system as normal.

This always affects the same users, and there are no error messages or
bounces received by us or them. Messages sent from the console arrive
correctly, and other bounce messages are received correctly too (ie
address x at y.z is valid, fails to receive mail from the list, but
receives mail sent directly from the console, a at y.z is invalid, and
returns a bounce when sent from the console, other list members bounces
etc. are received)

I am using Postfix on rh7.1, and all outgoing mail is relayed via

I am completely baffled - anyone got any ideas?


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