[Mailman-Users] feature request

Mon Nov 26 18:18:07 CET 2001


i'm using mailman for about one year at my site.
during this time i realized that it would be nice to have a feature
to include one or more email-adresses temporarily to the list (without
the prior subscribing-stuff):


you start a discussion and send your mail to a list and also
to a non-list user (to: list at do.main, user at an.other).
the replies from the listmembers now only will go back to the list,
but user at an.other never sees them.
of course you can forward all mails to him (probably with resetting
the reply-to line back to the list), but that could be take a lot of

now it would be nice if mailman recognizes the other adress in the
to-line and treat user at an.other in this thread-context as a list

of course this feature should be optional because it'll only be nice
on non-private lists, etc.

furthermore there has to be a feature to determine where the mail
comes from (user or remailer), to avoid list2list bounces.

nevertheless, i had this idea today and i thought this would be the
right place to tell.

have fun.

:: EdE { Jabber-ID: ede<at>knup.de | Website: http://people.knup.de/~ede/ }

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