[Mailman-Users] not being told of pending administrative requests

jgo john at nisus.com
Tue Nov 27 04:47:29 CET 2001

> Peter Jay Salzman at 2001-11-21 09:03:02 -0800 wrote:
> 1. user subscribes to list
> 2. user gets confirmation notice
> 3. user replies to confirmation notice
> 4. i get no email that there's a pending request waiting for me

> the only way to learn of the pending request is to visit the admin page.

ditto.  I've tried it both with admin intervention required for subscribe
and without.  The Mailman subscribe log shows "pending", the last thing
I find in any other logs I know of says that the confirmation message
was received.  Someone suggested I double-check the /etc/aliases file,
and I did that; looks reasonable from what I've seen posted, here.
Don't know what other places to check.

Using the bin/whatever programs works or at least the ones I do that
way show up in the web page.

The intention is for this to be run in "news-letter" fashion, where
only the admin can post.

Mac OS X   10.1
Mailman    2.0.7
sendmail   8.10.2
Python     2+

John G. Otto, Eagle Scout, Knight, Cybernetic Praxeologist
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