[Mailman-Users] Post by non-member to a members-only list

Bill Moseley moseleymm at hank.org
Tue Nov 27 18:49:10 CET 2001

I checked the FAQ, and the other faqw-mm

I'm looking for a way to just bounce non-member posts, saying that they are
not a member and they need to subscribe if they want to post.  These don't
need admin action.

The problem with the current setup is people post (often from a different
email address), get a message back saying their message is awaiting
approval, and then subscribe (or change email addresses) and resend.  Then
the admin approves and there is a duplicate message.

Speaking of which, it would be a nice feature for subscribers to setup
aliases so they can post from different accounts, but it looks like they
are posting from their main email address.  This is good for people that
post from work or home with different addresses.

Bill Moseley
mailto:moseley at hank.org

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