[Mailman-Users] Supressing those "List*" headers

John W Baxter jwblist at olympus.net
Wed Nov 28 03:40:54 CET 2001

At 19:36 -0500 11/27/2001, Paul Tomblin wrote:
>Is there any way to suppress those "List*" headers.  One of the people on
>my mailing lists is complaining that they seem to be forcing his email
>to be HTML.  (He uses Eudora.)

I don't see Eudora forcing my mail to be HTML because of the List* headers.
But I'm speaking of the Macintosh version; the Windows version could well
do something foolish like that.

[I have Eudora...both platforms...set to send plain text mail and to prompt
me if I foolishly try to send HTML (by forgetting to hold down Shift when I
paste styled stuff in, for example).  The default in the prompt is plain
text.  I don't remember deliberately sending HTML except as a test.]

Eudora is a nuisance with respect to the List* headers, since it just
displays them.  It's "easy" to shut off the display (I keep List-Post: and
suppress the others), on either platform.  But it's only easy for a Eudora
user who has done it before.  Given that Qualcomm was rather deeply
involved in the relevant RFC, it seems odd that they haven't started
handling List* headers sensibly.  [But perhaps it's not at all odd to an
insider who does Qualcomm budgets.]


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