[Mailman-Users] NNTP and Message-Ids

Simen E. Sandberg senilix at gallerbyen.net
Wed Nov 28 18:32:17 CET 2001

First: Sorry for my bad english. I'm not a native english-speaker, so
please ignore my mistakes. :o)

I'm running some lists with the NNTP-gateway enabled both ways. I've
noticed that when mailman posts to the newsgroup, it changes the
Message-Id. Or, I guess it's mailman and not INN. This generates
problems with threading, since one message got two message ids.

An example:

test at lists.example.com both posts and collects messages from local.test
at the news-server news.example.com. John and Anne are both subscribed
to the list and Peter prefers to use the news-server.

John posts a message to the list with subject "Hello". John's client
generates the message id <john123.456 at example.com> for that mail.
Mailman will now forward that message correctly to Anne, with the right
message id. But when Peter reads the message at the news-server, he will
see the message id <mailman.345.987 at lists.example.com>.

So far, everything looks fine for the users. But now Anne wants to make
a reply to John's post and posts a message to the list with subject "Re:
Hello". This message has the In-Reply-To-header
"<john123.456 at example.com>", since this is the message id on the mail
she recieved. Peter, who are still using NNTP, will not be able to find
the message <john123.456 at example.com>, since it has been renamed to
<mailman.345.654 at lists.example.com> on the news-server. Peter's
newsreader will then create a new thread for the reply.

Are there any way I can let all the users of my lists recieve the same
message ids, so my news-reading users will be able to get the threads

Thak you in advance.

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