[Mailman-Users] NNTP and Message-Ids

Jon Carnes jonc at nc.rr.com
Wed Nov 28 18:53:13 CET 2001

That's an interesting problem...  You could write a small script on the 
News server side that scans the articles and substitues in the poper 
information in the header of those articles.  Still in order to make this 
work correctly, you would be making assumptions that I don't think Mailman 
should make by default.

Jon Carnes

On Wednesday 28 November 2001 12:32, Simen E. Sandberg wrote:
> First: Sorry for my bad english. I'm not a native english-speaker, so
> please ignore my mistakes. :o)
> I'm running some lists with the NNTP-gateway enabled both ways. I've
> noticed that when mailman posts to the newsgroup, it changes the
> Message-Id. Or, I guess it's mailman and not INN. This generates
> problems with threading, since one message got two message ids.
> An example:
> test at lists.example.com both posts and collects messages from local.test
> at the news-server news.example.com. John and Anne are both subscribed
> to the list and Peter prefers to use the news-server.
> John posts a message to the list with subject "Hello". John's client
> generates the message id <john123.456 at example.com> for that mail.
> Mailman will now forward that message correctly to Anne, with the right
> message id. But when Peter reads the message at the news-server, he will
> see the message id <mailman.345.987 at lists.example.com>.
> So far, everything looks fine for the users. But now Anne wants to make
> a reply to John's post and posts a message to the list with subject "Re:
> Hello". This message has the In-Reply-To-header
> "<john123.456 at example.com>", since this is the message id on the mail
> she recieved. Peter, who are still using NNTP, will not be able to find
> the message <john123.456 at example.com>, since it has been renamed to
> <mailman.345.654 at lists.example.com> on the news-server. Peter's
> newsreader will then create a new thread for the reply.
> Are there any way I can let all the users of my lists recieve the same
> message ids, so my news-reading users will be able to get the threads
> right?
> Thak you in advance.

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