[Mailman-Users] Re: MIME Digests

tneff at bigfoot.com tneff at bigfoot.com
Wed Nov 28 19:43:13 CET 2001

The problem is that they don't really Digest or pack anything, or save any 
space, or do anything except collate a bunch of stuff into a multipart 
sandwich.  There's precious little of use to be done with them that you 
couldn't do just as easily by getting individual messages and putting them 
into a folder, which more mail agents can successfully do than will handle 
all the exploding and stuff.

As the original poster said, they are useless for the thing Digests were 
really good for, which was saving a lot of overhead and scanning a day's 
traffic in a single read.  I am glad of the fact that 1153 will never go 

--On Wednesday, November 28, 2001 10:42 AM -0800 J C Lawrence 
<claw at kanga.nu> wrote:
> MIME digests solve several problems, not least of which is providing
> a message packing format which is easily burst back into it original
> component messages.

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