[Mailman-Users] Re: MIME Digests

J C Lawrence claw at kanga.nu
Wed Nov 28 20:24:39 CET 2001

On Wed, 28 Nov 2001 14:14:43 -0500 
tneff  <tneff at bigfoot.com> wrote:

>> Don't blame the weaknesses of your selection of tools on the
>                                 ^^^^
>> material.

> I speak as a list manager, not as an individual member.  As a
> member I am fully prepared to get & use any tool I need to deal
> with stuff, but as a list manager I cannot presume that my members
> will be in the same position. It's an application of one of the
> other time-honored Net principles which appears headed to the
> "grave of history" on the same hearse: be conservative in what you
> send and liberal in what you accept.

Ahh, but there no press gang forcing use of MIME digests, or 1153
digests for that matter.  Users (given list admin permission -- eg
for some lists I disable digests entirely and for others I disable
1153 digests) are free to choose the mail formats they prefer and
which their choice of mail tools presents most usably to them.

But none of that states that a particular technology or format is
inherently bad because a particular choice of tool handles it badly.

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