[Mailman-Users] Usenet gateway to a member_posting_only list?

Jerry Stratton jerry at sandiego.edu
Wed Nov 28 20:10:29 CET 2001

If I have a mailing list set to member_posting_only and also have the 
list set up as a Usenet gateway, Usenet postings by non-members will 
be rejected. If true, is there any way I can have Usenet postings be 
automatically approved by mailman for the mailing list side of the 

The purpose of the gateway is to allow university community members 
to have the choice of taking part in the discussion by mail or by 
newsgroup, whichever they prefer (there is also a web interface to 
the newsgroup, also accessible only on campus).

I have the mailing list set to members only to avoid spam (which the 
list has received). The newsgroup, however, is a local group 
accessible only on-campus, and does not have a spam problem. I would 
like all gatewayed messages from the newsgroup to automatically go to 
the list without requiring approval. Is there a way I can set this?

jerry at sandiego.edu
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