[Mailman-Users] Host name sent in email confirmation wrong

Bill Moseley moseleymm at hank.org
Wed Nov 28 20:49:15 CET 2001

I have my lists all setup to use the full name of the host.

  DEFAULT_HOST_NAME   = 'mardy.hank.org'

This is the same host as simply hank.org.  I just tried to subscribe to a
list, and the confirm mail came like this:

  Reply-To: test-request at hank.org

The list settings have not changes (they still say mardy.hank.org).

The problem is I have all mail to @hank.org to one address in sendmail's
virtusertable, so it needs to go to mardy.hank.org to not get bypassed by
my virtusertable entry.

So, the question is, why did mailman set the reply to to simply @hank.org
instead of @mardy.hank.org?  What settings should I look at?

Bill Moseley
mailto:moseley at hank.org

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