[Mailman-Users] User database for htaccess

Jon Carnes jonc at nc.rr.com
Thu Nov 29 05:19:00 CET 2001

Okay, I mucked with the script I sent you for about a half an hour and this
is what I came up with:
touch /etc/httpd/.htaccess.mpdladaux
for i in `~mailman/bin/list_members mpdladaux`
   PASS="`strings ~mailman/lists/mpdladaux/config.db | \
      grep -i -A1 $i |head -5 |tail -1 | sed 's/s$//' `"
   htpasswd -b /etc/httpd/.htaccess.mpdladaux $i $PASS

This should work for you without any modifications.  Note: I've found a
better way of dumping the data out of the config list (than using "strings")
which would let this work across all versions of Mailman, but that would
require an other hour and this should  work just fine!

Jon Carnes
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> I really appreciate your help on this as I'm sure that I am only making it
> more complicated than it has to be.
> The setup I have is under
> /home/mailman
> The list I am trying to set this for is
> mpdladaux
> And I would like the password database to reside at
> /etc/httpd/
> I have an understanding of the .htaccess and htpasswd program as I have a
> few other directories that are protected by htaccess, but I'm not to keen
> on making it automated, up to now I have had to do it all by hand, but
> users being able to change their passwords at will it makes it kind of
> frustrating for me.
> Thanks
> Patrick Agee
> pagee at spotteddog.com

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