[Mailman-Users] help

Matt Garman matt at firstchurchseattle.org
Wed Nov 28 23:51:43 CET 2001

hi there,

I work for the First United Methodist Church of Seattle.  We use your 
service to send out the email version of our newsletter.  I've recently 
been given stewardship of maintaining the list and have a basic question. 
 Currently, the way the list is configured for us, we only have email 
addresses listed.  I would like to have a field for names to be included as 
well, in tandem with the addresses; this way we can easily determine by 
member's names whether someone is subscribed to the list or not.

Can you help me with this?  I just want names to able to be added.

thank you

Matt Garman
SFUMC Office Assistant

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