[Mailman-Users] Backing up Mailman list installations

J C Lawrence claw at kanga.nu
Thu Nov 29 17:33:54 CET 2001

On Thu, 29 Nov 2001 08:08:47 -0600 
Thomas T Veldhouse <veldy at veldy.net> wrote:

> My only problem with this is that it still leaves config.db for
> each list in a binary format.  

Yup, this is for backups, not inter-system portability.

> So, I can not simply place it on a Linux platform and move the
> list from a FreeBSD platform which was running a different version
> of Python and a different version of Berkley DB.  

Ahh, not a requirement I have.  I'm careful to maintain parallel
compatible systems (currently all Debian/testing).

> So -- I need a script to extract the information from these DB
> files and to be able to reload it again.


Add a little wrapping to handle the restore (roughly 8 lines from
the last time I did this IIRC), and Bob's your uncle.

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