[Mailman-Users] Few questions for the Mailman list...

AE Somerville a.somerville at qut.edu.au
Mon Oct 1 02:31:07 CEST 2001


I'm currently compiling a list of prospective MLM software for the QUT
Messaging Project (redesigning the Queensland University of Technologies
email systems).

We are running a mail system for approx 53,000 users supporting approx
1,500 lists. The lists are generated by the Universities student
database systems at this time.

I was particulalry interested in:
1. How your software stores and accesses the mailing list information
(List Members, Administrators, Moderators, Members).
2. What command line tools or non-web-broswer methods are available to
administer the lists.
3. What tools are available to make a mass upload of lists members and
owner/moderator details?
4. Can we link in authentication (C code) to authenticate to our
password systems?
5. Is there a webbased interface for administrator of the mail list
6. I'd also like to know what way the lists are stored...
Are they in a flat file/DB/Hash? How's this achieved for your product?
7. And even though we can add our own adjustments to the code for the
purposes of authentication, are there plans for adding support for
industry supported authentication mechanisms such as Cyrus SASL?

Antony Somerville
Messaging Project
Queensland University of Technology
Brisbane Queensland, Australia
Ph: +61 7 3864 4434 Fax: +61 7 3864 2921

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