[Mailman-Users] naming a list

Ben Burnett benwa at ocentrix.com
Thu Oct 4 01:27:18 CEST 2001

On Wednesday 03 October 2001 03:43 pm, Dave Robbins wrote:
> While I've never had a problem coming up with a name for a mailing list,
> I am now trying to determine the most standard Internet convention
> for naming a list.
> Because I manage the network for a Geology Department,
> I often have to create users (i.e. for filesharing) for courses.
> An example of this would be 'gs20' for a course entitled
> 'Geological Sciences 20'.
> When the course also needs a mailing list, I thus have to create
> a new name for the list other than 'gs20'.

Creating a different list name doesn't seem to be necessary to me unless this 
user (gs20) has to receive email for any other purpose.  If it doesn't can't 
you set the alias up as normal.  After all if there isn't supposed to be any 
other email going to this user account everything that does can be assumed to 
be destined for the list.

...or perhaps I'm misunderstanding you.

> This is the standard convention that I am seeking.
> I don't particularly like the listserv convention of '-l'
> appended to each mailing list name.  Any other suggestions?

If you've got to come up with a convention why not use the '-l' convention.  
Or do you really feel like reinventing a wheel that other's have already put 
to use : )

- Ben

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