[Mailman-Users] re-asking the question on MM 2.0.6 et al

Camel camel at lrllamas.com
Thu Oct 4 20:35:03 CEST 2001

OK, my list isn't that big yet, and can be scrapped, and re-installed.
I'm trying to move a 300 member Listserv list to my own server using Mailman.
Now, Being RH 7.1, there is no "/home/www/..." any more, it's all in 
"/var/www/....". When I installed 2.0.6 "admin" did not xfer to the mailman 
dir under /var/www/mailman/ so I copied it there and things started "working"
(or so I thought). I thought I followed the installation readme to the 
letter, including the arcane command descriptions, GID's and the "mailman"
user, and group. I had to chmod a couple of dirs, passed the check_perms 
test, and could see all of the things you would expect to see, subs, 
confirms, etc. going out to subscribers. the Aliases, and ScriptAlias settings
are OK in sendmail.conf, and the alias file, and I assume, that the list mail 
address (the dist. address) is mylist at myserver.com, RIGHT? It's not
something stupid like mailman at myserver.com ??? Does the specific
address mylist at myserver.com have to be added somewhere else along with 
"mailman" as a user/group/email recipient??

Does someone have an easier-to-follow or specific example based install readme
or a list of "gotchas" like installing mailman under root instead of some 
other user (like mailman)

The MTA (maillog/sendmail logs) don't tell me much - I see "sent" - 2.0.0 for 
the sent items - but they never show up at the other subscribers mailboxes...

I'm flummoxed.


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