[Mailman-Users] Mailman in Spanish

Chris Nicol cnicol at pangea.org
Mon Oct 8 19:24:02 CEST 2001

Hi from Pangea, an alternative node in Barcelona (www.pangea.org).

We are using Mailman version 2.0rc1, which we have translated into Spanish (yes, code and all).

We would like to know when the version 2.1 will be released. Just approximately, of course. The reason is that we would like to upgrade but don't want to translate all that code again if the 2.1 is coming out soon. (I'm assuming that there will be a Spanish version, or at least the possibility of translating easily.) If it's still a year off, for example, we'll think seriously about translating now.

One other thing- we are trying to persuade the anti-globalisation movement in Spain, which works a hell of a lot with lists, to change from e-groups to a non-profit service like Pangea. They often use their lists from the web, and don't want to lose the possibility of searching through old messages on the web. Any chance of this feature in future mailman versions?

Congratulations for the great program. We are very happy with it and try to encourage others to use it too.

Keep up the great work!


Chris Nicol
cnicol at pangea.org

In a world without fences, who needs Gates? Use Open Source!

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