[Mailman-Users] Mailing list not working

Abigail Marshall abigail at webfavor.com
Tue Oct 16 18:49:38 CEST 2001

Monday, October 15, 2001, 7:30:48 AM, Greg Ward wrote:

GW> You might be running out of memory.  How big are your digests, and how
GW> much virtual memory does this machine have?

Actually, I figured out the problem and made a bug report on it.

Something cause the system to go haywire and loop/repeat the same
message so that the digests had grown to huge size (+10 megs). This is
on a mailing list that typically gets 2-3 posts a day and is set for
daily digests.

I solved the problem by deleting the next digest files, error logging
files (also grown to unmanageable size), and all files in the queue.

Best regards,

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