[Mailman-Users] TrendMicro Interscan Virus Wall for Linux

Vania Lolham vlolham at bigpond.net.au
Wed Oct 17 06:06:32 CEST 2001


OS RH7.1
Mailman 2.0.6-1u70_1cl.i386.rpm

After fiddling with everything in Mailman and reading every
python scripts and checking for typo and so on,
I found no problem at all with the mailman, In fact the
python source files are written so cool and informative.
Now to the problem;
All the subscription from internal network for internal
users were accepted
All the subscription from outside network for outside users
were rejected.
Sendmail Mail log was telling me error 554 mail relay
All that is cool I can live with it,
After getting deep involved in the way wrapper, post and
mailcmd are treating the package I was convinced that there
isn't any problem with any of them.
Last think I could think of was to disable the Interscan
VirusWall from (Trend Micro).
This time everything worked well.
No is there anyone out there using Interscan?
I called tech Trend Micro support and so far there is no
work around.
Do you know of any?
As far as I can comprehend; when Interscan is active, it
disable the domaintable, access.db, trusted-users.db,
IP_allow and mailertable.db
and instead uses it's own intscan.ini file to recognise
domains, mailertable, trusted-users and ip_allow.
I don't see anywhere talking about access.
In the access file there are hosts that are allowed to

okay, end of my gasbagging :))

Please let me know if there is other approach.



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