[Mailman-Users] allowing postings from anything

Greg Ward gward at mems-exchange.org
Thu Oct 18 15:06:31 CEST 2001

[matthew zeier]
> I'm trying to use mailman to replace the "sysadm" mailing list.  I have a
> lot of machines that send automated emails to that address.  However, all
> are getting rejected with:
> "Message has implicit destination"

[Jon Carnes replies]
> Web over to the Admin pages and go to the Privacy Options page, field:
>   "Alias names (regexps) which qualify as explicit to or cc destination 
> names for this list."
> and put in the full name of list you are using.

I don't *think* that's the right answer.  It sounds like the problem is
that these automated emails don't have a "To" or "Cc" header at all, in
which case adding more addresses that are accepted as meaning "this
list" in To/Cc won't make a bit of difference.

I think Matthew wants the option immediately before this one: "Must
posts have list named in destination (to, cc) field".  Set it to "No".

Don't do this on a public list, of course, as you'll get lots more spam
this way.  You should probably restrict the list of allowed posters.

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