[Mailman-Users] Just drop it?

Amanda arandall at auntminnie.com
Fri Oct 19 01:39:37 CEST 2001

Hi Mike,

I believe you can specify to *not* send mail to the moderator when
receiving a message to the list that would require approval. That will
at least help her mailbox... but it will still queue the messages in
the admin interface. ::sigh::

As far as silently discarding the messages, well, that seems to be a
very popular question. :-) I don't think Mailman itself has any way to
deal with that... next solution I suppose would be something in the
MTA or something between the MTA and mailman, which would bitbucket
mail unless it came from the moderator's email address. ::shrug::
There are probably a number of ways to do it, but it's going to be a
matter of how much effort you want to put into it.


Mike Avery wrote:

> One of my moderators asked me for help.  She runs a
> moderated list, and only wants her messages to go to
> the list.
> We've done that.
> What is bothering her now is she gets a note every time
> a spammer tries to hit this list.  She doesn't want to
> know about it, and she doesn't want to have to manually
> discard every one of the spam attempts.
> She wants Mailman to just drop the message into a
> black hole, without telling anyone it happened.
> I don't see a way to do that.... am I overlooking
> something?
> Thanks,
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